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As of April 2021 I'm fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and I will take whatever precautions we decide on when entering your home and handling your animals. I wash my hands or use hand sanitizer between appointments and regularly clean my tools and equipment. Let's keep the conversation going about all the ways in which we can support and protect one another.  I'm here for you. Thank you, and stay safe and healthy out there! 

My mission is to provide:​​

  • Kind and compassionate caregiving for your pets in their own home​

  • ​​​Reliable medical and non-medical pet care services

  • Custom-tailored care packages with discounts for multiple pets and services

  • Skilled handling of small animals and exotics, having worked with them for over 20 years  

  • A commitment to treat you, your pets, and your home with care and respect

  • Positive training reinforcement on walks and during playtime 

  • Peace of mind knowing that I'm a Licensed Veterinary Technician, Certified in Small Animal First Aid and CPR, a Certified Professional Dog Walker trough Dog*Biz, and insured through Pet Sitters Associates, LLC 

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Initial Consult charged on a sliding scale depending time -- minimum charge $20. References gladly furnished upon request.         
Medical House Call Services:
Regular business hours are 8AM to 7PM
Urgent/Emergency same day service after 7PM is an additional $20 
Administer injection (SQ or IM) $35 
Administer oral/topical medication $30
Anal gland expression $35
Assisted feeding $40
Bandage Change $50
Bladder expression $45
Brush teeth (add-on service only) $10
Cat nail trim $25
Dog nail trim $30
Dog nail trim + dremel $40
Ear cleaning/apply meds $35
Flea treatment application $30
Grooming (dog) bathing starting at $45

If medicated shampoo is needed you supply. *towel dry only, brush out, clip mats, no fancy haircuts.
Grooming (cat) brush out/clip mats starting at $35

SQ fluid administration $35
Suture removal $30
Wound and/or drain care (with hot compresses) $40

**Discounts are given for treating multiple pets and/or multiple services performed during one house call visit.
Non-Medical House Call Services:
**No overnight services available**
Drop-in Pet Sitting Services (per visit):
  • 30 minutes or less $25
  • 1 hour of interaction $35
  • 2 or more hours $25/hour
Drop-in visits include:
Feeding, cleanup of pet waste and other pet-related messes, attention through play and/or exercise. For dogs: playing ball/other games, or a brief "Regular" dog walk. If your dog needs a "Training" or "Reactive" dog walk additional fees may apply. For cats: play with toys, lap time petting and/or brushing if they like. Other chores (bring in mail and/or newspaper, take out garbage, plant watering, etc.)
Pet Taxi:
Drop off/pick up from appointment (vet, groomer or other pet-related errands) $30/hour ($30 minimum)
**Additional fees may apply if mileage exceeds 20 miles round trip

Need a service that isn't listed here?

Just ask, and I'll be happy to tailor a plan to fit your exact needs. Discounts are given for multiple services and/or care for multiple pets provided during the same house call. 

There will be an extra charge of $10 per visit on the following holidays: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day & Christmas Day.
For visits more than 10 miles from my house (near 41st Ave.) I may add on $5/visit.
Thank you!  

Dog Walking

Why hire a Dog*Biz Dog Walking Academy Graduate?

     It's a growing, international organization that hires the highest quality dog trainers and educators from around the globe. The program teaches canine learning theory, science-based positive training, dog body language, group composition/walk management, and fight prevention protocols. It also teaches skills needed for emergency prevention and requires grads to have Small Animal First Aid and CPR Certification. Dog*Biz is a professional organization that demands its members adhere to a code of ethical business practices.  Learn more about why you want to hire a Dog*Biz Certified Dog Walker and the Dog*Biz Code of Ethics by clicking the links below. 

Regular Dog Walk:
For 1 dog, additional dog $10
30 minutes $25    45 minutes $30    
60 minutes $35    1.5 hours $45    
2 hour "Field Trip" $55 
Leash walking for a dog of any age who requires responsible attention while out in the world, but you have already done a lot of hard work training the basics. I'll reinforce all of your dog's good behaviors, whether she needs to get out for a short walk to do her business while you are at work, or if your pup could benefit from 1.5 hours of vigorous exercise -- I'm happy to help! The 30 minute, to 1.5 hour walks would be in your neighborhood, at a pace that works for the individual, with lots of mental stimulation from sniffing along the way. Dogs scheduled for a 2 hour field trip will have approximately a 1.5 hour walk (depending on travel time within the 2 hours) for a change of scene and extra stimulation going to places like Arana Gulch, Schwann Lake Park, Lighthouse Field, West Cliff Drive, or Henry Cowell, West Glenwood Preserve or Anna Jean Cummings Park to name a few. Please inquire about availability for the "field trip" service. 
Training walk: 
For 1 dog (only)   
30 minutes $30      45 minutes $35       60 minutes $40
Leash walking with one-on-one personal attention for a dog of any age who has had some training but who still requires a higher level of management when out on a walk. I'm happy to reinforce whatever behaviors, skills or exercises you and your trainer are currently working on. For example: leash manners, polite greetings, and leave-its, just to name a few. Walks would be in and around your own neighborhood. Please inquire about my availability to provide the "Field Trip" service for your dog's training walk. Depending on the chosen destination, additional fees may apply to compensate for travel time.  
Reactive Dog Walk:
For 1 dog (only)
30 minutes $30       45 minutes $45
Leash walking for a dog who is in ongoing training with a professional dog trainer, trying to manage challenging behaviors. I'll give the necessary one-on-one attention to dogs who require special consideration and skilled handling while out on a walk. For example, dogs with high prey drive can be a danger to small animals (and also to the handler) when attempting to chase/catch those animals. Fear-based reactivity can be seen in behaviors such as barking, lunging or bolting when they encounter someone or something they feel threatened by while walking on a leash. For example, another dog passing by, loud noises, motorcycles, skateboards, the postal carrier, delivery trucks, children, etc.. I will use appropriate techniques to manage their particular triggers while getting some good exercise and keeping our outing as low-stress and as fun as possible. I'm happy to help support you and your pup as you work toward your training goals.
**Please note that I offer only ON-LEASH services when we are away from your property.
***I'm not a Certified Pet Dog Trainer, and cannot ethically offer training advice, nor can I guarantee behaviors as result of any training reinforcement I do with your dog. If you are not currently working with a Certified Pet Dog Trainer I can recommend a few great people in our area. Thank you!
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