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Heidi Miller is a wonder!  She has been a cat sitter for us with an infirm elderly cat who needed medications and lots of TLC, and for two rambunctious kittens just exploring the world.  Her care has been exemplary in both cases, with great understanding of their different needs.   Heidi is thorough, conscientious and takes superb care of our home while we are gone.  Her attention to detail and trustworthiness make us feel even more relaxed when we travel.   We cannot recommend her highly enough.

--Debra & Marcy

--Renee D.

Mawson says '4 paws up' for Heidi as a dog walker, and we agree!  Our rescue lab is quite a handful, and Heidi has the experience and knowledge to handle any situation.  Our dog is always calm, tired and happy after a walk with Heidi. 

      I have been enjoying Heidi's medical pet care services for several years now -- I would be lost without her!
I have three dogs with specific health issues that require daily medication. From twice daily injections of insulin, several rounds of daily eye medications, to pills and liquid drops, she can handle all of it! Heidi is very meticulous, and keeps track of medications given, keeps in touch if needed, and also finds time to play with, and appreciate the individual personalities of our dogs.
     Our dogs are part of our family. We go away on vacation feeling confident and comforted knowing our dogs are in good hands, and when we return home, the dogs are relaxed and happy... a sure sign that they were taken care of well!

-- Ann E.

Heidi incorporates everything we want in a pet care provider. She is reliable, consistent, caring, kind, and knowledgeable. She is also just simply amazing with our dog Chance (who is not always the easiest dog to take care of). She understands the positive reinforcement training that we do to help with some of Chance’s challenges. The real proof though is in how happy Chance is to see Heidi and how relaxed Chance is on our return from trips. She always gives us daily updates and sends us photos—we love that! We recommend Heidi with complete confidence!

-- Mardi & Mel

--Michelle Wells Grant

I would rather cancel a trip than have someone besides Heidi take care of my dogs! She is the kindest, sweetest, most responsible pet sitter ever! She is so attentive, a constant companion to them, and even exercises them. Needless to say my dogs absolutely adore her and I always know they are in good hands (the best hands!) when we are away from them. I even get daily texts and photos from Heidi, updating me on how things are going. Heidi is the best and we feel so lucky to have found her!

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