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Administer injection SQ or IM $40 
Administer oral, topical or aerosolized medication $35
Anal gland expression $40
Assist feeding w/syringe $40
Bandage Change (starts at) $50
Basic Grooming starting at $40 (comb out/shave mats, no bath)
Bathing (in your home provided your setup is sufficient):
    (Up to 25#)
    (26-50#) $50
    (51-75#) $60
    (76-100#) $70
    (101# and up) $80 
  • If transport needed to/from grooming facility additional Pet Taxi Service rates apply (see below)
  • Towel dry only, unless dryer is provided  
  • No fancy grooming/haircuts    
  • If medicated shampoo or a skunk bath is needed, you provide supplies
Bladder expression $45
Blood Glucose check $45 (using your equipment)
Consultation Fee
  • For example: Teach SQ fluid admin, give medications, wound or drain management, evaluate home setup for care post injury or surgery
Ear cleaning (basic)/apply meds $40
Nail Trim Bird $35 (Wing & Nail Trim $45)
Nail Trim Cat, Rabbit or G.Pig $35 (add $5 if difficult or aggressive)
Nail Trim Dog
$40 (add $5 if difficult or aggressive)
Nail Trim with Dremel
$45 (add $5 if difficult or aggressive)
Pet Taxi Service $40/hour
  • Minimum 1 hour, additional fees may apply if overall mileage exceeds 16 miles round trip.
SQ Fluid administration $45
Suture/Drain removal $35
Wound/Abscess/Drain care (with warm compresses) $40
**There will be an extra charge of $20 (per visit) on the following Holidays:
New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve & Christmas Day
**For locations more than 8 miles from my house (near 41st Ave.) add'l fees will apply
**Emergency/SAME DAY medical service requests will have an add-on charge of $20
**Service pricing above reflects making a house call to perform one service for one pet. If multiple services are requested, or multiple pets require services at the same visit, discounts may apply for some of the services.
**If your pet requires a service that is not listed here, don't hesitate to ask! I'm sure we can work something out. Thanks!
​​DROP-IN PET CARE SERVICES (in your home while you are away) include: 
  • Feeding
  • Cleanup of pet waste and other pet-related messes 
  • Playing with toys, lap time petting and/or brushing (if they like)
  • Dog walking (brief) or exercise in your yard (if longer walk needed, or training/reactive walk then additional fees will apply)
  • Bringing in mail and/or newspaper, (some) plant watering, security such as rotate lights on/off, blinds up/down etc. 
PET CARE SERVICE FEES  (for 1 pet, each add'l pet $5 per visit):
  • Initial meet & greet $35
  • Up to 30 minutes $35
  • 45 minutes $40
  • 60 minutes $45
  • 2 hours (or more, limited availability) $40/hour 
MEDICAL SERVICES are available at Drop-In Pet Sitting visits. The following services are discounted, all other services are full price. Please see full list of services and pricing above in the Medical House Call Services section.
Fees are in addition to drop-in visit pricing and are per pet:
Administer oral, topical, or aerosolized medication $5
Assist feeding $30
Bladder expression $35
Injectable medication (including insulin) $30
SQ Fluid administration $35
Wound/abscess drain care (w/warm compresses) $30
Nail trim cat/rabbit/small animal $25
Nail trim dog $30 with dremel $35
BOARDING SERVICES --(In my home) For self contained critters in their own cage or enclosure, for example: rodents, snakes, reptiles, turtles/tortoises, birds etc.
Please inquire about the availability of boarding. Rates start at $45/day, additional fees if on medications, or need specialized medical care. SORRY BOARDING NOT AVAILABLE FOR DOGS & CATS
**There will be an extra charge of $20 (per visit) on the following Holidays:
New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve & Christmas Day
**For locations more than 8 miles from my house (near 41st Ave.) add'l fees will apply 
**No overnight pet sitting available 
**If visits are requested before 8AM or after 7PM, or if plant watering is extensive    then additional fees will apply​​
**If house key pick up/drop off, or going over updated instructions requires me to make extra trips to your home before/after your trip there may be additional charges for my time. Thanks!


SORRY! Not accepting new clients for weekly or ongoing dog walking, and waiting list is currently full. If you have an occasional or short term need I may be able to help, so please do contact me with the details. THANKS!


Why hire a Dog*Biz Dog Walking Academy Graduate?

     It's a growing, international organization that hires the highest quality dog trainers and educators from around the globe. The program teaches canine learning theory, science-based positive training, dog body language, group composition/walk management, and fight prevention protocols. It also teaches skills needed for emergency prevention and requires grads to have Small Animal First Aid and CPR Certification. Dog*Biz is a professional organization that demands its members adhere to a code of ethical business practices.  Learn more about why you want to hire a Dog*Biz Certified Dog Walker and the Dog*Biz Code of Ethics by clicking the links just below. 







For 1 dog, each additional dog starts at $10
30 minutes $35    
45 minutes $40    
60 minutes $45  

For 1 dog, each additional dog starts at $10

30 minute "Field Trip"$40 

45 minute "Field Trip" $45

1 hour "Field Trip" $50

Leash walking for a dog of any age who requires responsible attention while out in the world, but you have already done lots of hard work training the basics. I'll reinforce all of your dog's good behaviors, when they need to get out for a short or long walk to do their business while you are at work or on vacation. Regular walks will be in your neighborhood, at a pace that works for the individual, with lots of fun sniffing along the way. For a change of scene and some extra stimulation from novel sights, sounds and smells, please inquire about availability for the "Field Trip" walks. Some of the places we might go are: Arana Gulch, Schwann Lake Park, Lighthouse Field, Pogonip, West Cliff Drive, Henry Cowell, West Glenwood Preserve, Anna Jean Cummings Park, or Westlake Park just to name a few. 

** If your dog requires extra attention to manage challenging behaviors like scavenging, prey-drive, noise sensitivity, reactivity (barking/lunging at small animals, dogs, bikes, skateboards, delivery drivers, etc.) then pricing will be minimum $10 or more per walk, depending on many factors (including your dog's weight) which we will go over at our initial evaluation. If your dog is highly fearful or reactive, usually a 30 to 45 minute walk is the longest I'd recommend. Thank you!  

*** I'm insured for, and offer only ON-leash activities when we are away from your property. My ability to walk multiple dogs at one time depend on many factors including the dog's size and temperament, so will only be considered on a case-by-case basis. I prefer to walk using a body harness or Martingale-style collar. Please understand that I'm not a Certified Pet Dog Trainer, and cannot ethically offer training advice, nor can I guarantee behaviors as result of any training reinforcement I do with your dog. If you are not currently working with a Certified Pet Dog Trainer I can recommend a few great people in our area. Thank you!

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